Impression of sound enjoyed by eyes and ears

HiFi Rose is a HiFi Audio brand resembling a rose.
HiFi Rose’s representative identity “Audio with Screen” is intuitive and convenient to operate through the screen.
You can experience the impression of high-resolution sound enjoyed with video


Changes in Lifestyle

HiFi Rose paid attention to the lifestyle of users who enjoy music.
Now and in the future,
we have decided to provide the optimal sound solution for listening to music.

From analog to digital

Not only valued as a eletronic,
but also furniture

Audio available

Beyond Listening Pleasure to
Visual and Auditory Delight


Aiming to popularize Hi-Fi Audio

A journey through music that is more fascinating than any other journey in the world.
We will strive to reduce the burden of time and cost and provide a way for everyone
to enjoy and experience high-quality music.


Hi-Fi audio of the future

We thought that rapid changes in technology and ideas alone were not enough to be competitive.
HiFi Rose has developed a new Hi-Fi audio system
by combining speaker developers and
IT technicians with
the greatest passion and technology.


Setting a new standard for Hi-Fi audio

We want to expand the definition and capabilities of audio through Rose.
HiFi Rose supports high-quality sound sources close to the original sound, an easy and fast
interface, and various convenient functions such as video playback and alarm functions.
HiFi Rose will be the most reliable standard for choosing Hi-Fi audio.

ROSE Design
Design recognized by the world

HiFi Rose has won IF and Reddot, the world's most prestigious design awards,
for its innovative ideas, functions and differentiated design.

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