ROSE, a comprehensive HiFi Audio Brand, 

conceived to develop optimal audio solutions for rapidly evolving lifestyles 

joins hands with PIEGA, which develops and builds loudspeakers 

with the superlative quality and timeless elegance that comes from Swiss perfection.

We are committed to supplying products from both entities to European countries such as 

Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, 

striving to enhance global recognition. 

Additionally, serving as a hub for customer satisfaction and service quality improvement 

in the European market, we aim to swiftly meet customers' demands 

and reinforce the brand's credibility by delivering the utmost service experience.

The fusion of each company's unique expertise and technological prowess 

will not only set new standards in the audio industry but also contribute to its advancement. 

The products resulting from this collaboration will innovatively enhance your musical experience, 

enabling you to indulge in a richer music listening experience.