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ROSETUBEI cannot search on Rose tube or you tube

30 Nov 2023
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Just recently noticed that I cannot search on rose tube it comes back empty on the results, same with you tube.  I did install rose connect on my iPhone but I deleted before I finished setting it up.  How can I get my search results and be able to play in Rosetube and YouTube.  Will I need a factory reset?  I really do not want to do that as i have a lot of settings that I would have to reconfigure.

Other than this issue this is a great product.  But part of the reason I bought it was because of the video capabilities.  I have a 150B and use Tidal for music.  But I do watch a lot of videos on the 150b as well.  So this is a bit concerning in to me.  Let me know if there are things I can try before doing a factory reset.  Should I uninstall Tidal and reinstall?

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