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GeneralConnecting a laptop to the RS 250

21 Aug 2023
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I have a question how to connect a laptop to the Rose RS 250 USB input? Because by connecting the laptop directly to this input, several outputs in the Rose RS 250 are automatically selected, blocking the player, which prevents listening to music through the Tidal application on the laptop. Then you need to turn on a song to unlock the inputs and outputs in the device.

I would like to mention that if I connect the same laptop to the DAC in the cd player, then through the Rose RS 250 usb - the cd player works like this, but then it is implemented through the USB Rose rs 250 output. However, connecting the laptop to the rose rs 250 input is impossible, please for clarification of this problem, you may need to set something in the device's MENU.

Regards and waiting for information.

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