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Music/PlaylistAlbum cover matching issue

12 Jan 2023
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I am using the latest version of RS 520

I accidentally delete my albums (by cd ripping) in the DB in the rose system, then I put an image into the folder by SMB connection on my computer. Then, I got access to the deleted DB albums by going to the folder ( the fourth column) and then playing the music in the folder. At this point, the DB in rose can see the album and can play it, which means the deleted folder is readded to the DB system. However, the cover that I put there cannot sync with the system, which means that when I play the re-added album in the folder ( fourth column) the cover is correctly reflected, but when I play the album in the first or the third column, the cover does not correctly reflect. 

With my limited database knowledge, I suspect the issues come with readd the album to the DB. When I re-add the album, the system does not update the album cover. One way to fix it is by re-ripping the album. However, it is both time-consuming and mainly meaningless. Thus, I request a fix for the upcoming system update. 

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