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RoseConnectAndroid phone will not connect

25 Aug 2022
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I have a fairly current Android phone- S21 and am trying to connect the HIFI Rose premium to my newly acquired Rose 150B. I have connected my tablet with no issues but also want to connect my phone for ease of use. I find the use of the tablet a bit cumbersome at times.  When I open up the Rose connect premium app get a Welcome to Roseware screen and a NEXT at the bottom of the screen. The next screen says connecting to WIFI. Well for one thing my 150B is connected by ethernet so I am not sure why it says connecting to Wifi. To make a long story short the app never gives me the option to select the 150B under DEVICES FOUND in the REGISTERING ROSE screen. It indicates a Rose connect IP address but no device to select. When i opened the app on my galaxy tablet it was seamless indicating the DEVICES FOUND and selection . Says Complete on the bottom but cannot proceed any further. I was up and running in minutes. Why wont the rose app on my S21 phone  install the same way as my Galaxy Tablet? Please advise.

Just to let you know i have tried the advice i have seen throughout this section but still no connection.


Your RoseAPP(phone) and RS150 should be in same network. Please check if you connected both devices(phone and RS150) to same network.

In RS150 > Settings > SystemInfo > IP address > 123.456.78.???

Your phone and RS150 should have same IP address up to third numbers (in example above -> 78)

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