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ROON/MQA/TIDALCan HifiRose please comment on Tidal Connect Roamap commitment

21 Jan 2024
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As one of what seems like MANY people who are ready to invest in the HifiRose RS130, it would be really appreciated if HifiRose could at least give us an update as to whether Tidal Connect is currently committed and on ANY Short or Medium term company Roadmap…. Or even an update that the Android versus Linux OS API compatibility is causing delays but still being worked on to overcome long term…. Just anything, even if it’s a no for whatever reason, technical or commercial.

I think your find this transparency and level of info will spur a flurry, of especially RS130, sales… we need a high end transport with Tidal Connect capability… we are happy to wait but without feedback or a level of commitment you will find customers patiently waiting will eventually move on.

Give us something please HifiRose… 

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