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General.Connection - HiFi ROSE RA180 and REL S/812 subwoofers

21 Feb 2024
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I am looking for help with the connection between HiFi ROSE RA180 amplifier and a pair of REL S/812 subwoofers.

My system consists of HiFi ROSE RA180 amplifier, HiFi ROSE RS150b DAC/Network Streamer (connected using XLR cable), Sony SS-NA2ES speakers and a pair of REL S/812 subwoofers.

As RA180 is described as „Class AD” amplifier and it is switching the output voltage, after consulting REL's tutorials and videos I connected RELs as for class D class amplifier.

Black and yellow High Level cables from RELs are connected to left and right positive speaker terminals. Both black wires are connected to the same (and only one available) Ground Port of RA180.

Such connection generates a buzz with two scenarios depending on RA180 bridged „BTL" mode setting.

SCENARIO 1 - BTL OFF (not preferred)

Buzzing only with both amplifier and the streamer disconnected from power. No buzz with playback and no buzz with the amp in standby mode.

SCENARIO 2 - BTL A / BTL B (bridged amps - preferred for my setup)

Buzzing always when the amp is switched off to standby mode making the system effectively unusable.

Please help me to establish the safe connection setup for the bridged amplifier and RELs. I got much wider and more dynamic soundstage with bridged mode and both subs active, but I am afraid of damaging precious equipment.

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