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General.RS130 no USB DAC Connect to PRIMARE SPA25

22 Feb 2024
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Good morning from Hamburg / Germany.

Just yesterday i installed my new RS130 and wanted to connect to my PRIMARE SPA25 (Swedish HighEnd Manufacturer) via USB.
The RS130 said "No USB DAC"
Cables checked and Port-IN is set to USB-A "PC/MAC" at PRIMARE SPA25.

The SPA25 works with ES9026PR0 32-Bit Audio DAC:
"Inputs include, two optical (Toslink), one RCA (SPDF), and one USB-B digital.
The USB-B input allows playback of files up to PCM 768kHz/32bit and DSD 512/22.6MHz, DoP 256/11.2MHz"

Is there any incompatibality to expect with PRIMARE and what to do ?

Best regards,


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