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GeneralRS 250/A ISO playback details

7 Dec 2023
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Since this HFR RS250/A can now playback ISO image files how does it work with an SACD ISO file? I'm guessing it can play those off local storage...but can it play them through the network & catalog them (like J River)? And someone mentioned it can play DST files but those are multi-channel.. so can it send a multi-channel Native DSD64 format through one of its outputs? HDMI?

Finally, with its video prowess ability, can it play DVD-Audio ISO files which I also have as many of those as I have SACD (and much more restricted playback)?  I had to modify my Oppo 205 to be able to do it, but I'd love to find a streamer that can since the Oppo is not going to last forever.   That format is either play off the disc or play the ISO file only.

Please HFR staff or anybody who's familiar with the ISO-capable playback of the RS250/A chime in...thanks!

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