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Music/PlaylistNo longer working with Qobuz

27 Nov 2023
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This is a message I sent to Qobuz regarding my account with them:

'I joined Qobuz 8/29/23. The subscription is being used on a HI FI Rose DAC and on my iphone. The service worked fine for a month. The last month and a half, I can only play the 30 second previews of any songs as if I do not have a subscription. I need to be reconnected and a credit for the past 2 months I have not been able to use the service.'

This is the response from Qobuz:


Please contact HiFi Rose client service. Their upgrade caused Qobuz clients to get bumped out and they manage the integration of our app into theirs.

Kind regards,


Can you assist with this?

Thank you.

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