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[Setting] How to connect bluetooth remote control

10 Sep 2020
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Start from Step 0 for RS150.

Start from Step 1 for RS201.

Step 0 only for RS150)   Connect the bluetooth dongle to the 'BT dongle' port of RS150.

Step 1)   Look at the screen. Touch  shape at the top of the screen.

Step 2)   Turn on Bluetooth.

Step 3)   Press and hold and   on your bluetooth remote control for a while, until the red light stops blinking.

Step 4)   Touch 'Device Search' on top of the screen.

Step 5)   You will see 'ROSE RCU' under 'Scanned device'. Touch 'ROSE RCU'.

Step 6)   You will see 'ROSE RCU' under 'Paired Devices'. Touch 'ROSE RCU'.

Step 7)   If 'ROSE RCU' turns gold, that's it.

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