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7 Mar 2024

Hello, this is HiFiRose.

A new updated version of RoseConnect Premium for Android was released.

We will provide you with the revisions to this version below, so please check the schedule to avoid any inconvenience.

- Update date: March 7th, 2024 (Thur) PM 04:00 (GMT +9)

- How to update : Update RoseConnectPremium for Android to latest version in PlayStore

- Update for: RS150(B)/RS201(A)/RS250(A)/RS130/RS520

- RoseConnectPremium for Android : Ver

[Update Contents]

1. Addition/Improvement of functions and stabilization:

- Fixed the issue where the RoseConnect App crashes when switching to the full playback screen while the RoseTube caching function is ON.

- Fixed an issue where the RoseConnect App crashes when entering or refreshing the video tab during system optimization.

- Fixed the issue of the app crashing when running the RoseConnect Premium app

- Fixed an issue where the RoseConnect app crashes when the Galaxy Fold display is opened and the Galaxy Fold display is closed while RoseFM is running.

- Fixed an issue where my information was not refreshed when applied after editing my information on My Page.

- Fixed an issue where the Tuning section did not light up when using RoseFM

- Added a function to display how many tracks are selected when deleting a track when editing a playlist

- Fixed an issue where the Amp standby mode button does not work when re-entering the remote control screen while in Amp standby mode.

- Fixed an issue where some options in the three-dot menu did not work in certain areas when playing RoseTube.

- Improved functions and stability.

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25 Jan 2024

[Update Schedule and Details for January 30th (Tuesday)]

[System Stabilization and Improvements]

Update Date: January 30, 2024 (Tuesday) 4:00 PM (GMT +9)

Update for: RS201(A), RS250, RS150(B), RS520, RS130

Device Compatibility Version Information: SW Ver. v4.17

Update Version Information:

Ø  RoseOS(SW) : v4.17.04

Ø  RoseConnect Premium (Android) : v4.17.04.1

Ø  RoseConnect Premium (iOS) : v4.17.01

Ø  RoseConnect Premium (Windows/Mac) : v4.17.01

Update Method:

- Rose OS: Rose Device > Settings > System Information > Select "Update" and proceed with system update.

- Android/iOS: Update RoseConnect Premium from Play/App Store.

- PC (Win/Mac): Perform OTA update when running PC Connect or use a separate download link.

Update Contents:

[Rose Platform - Common]

1. Added Weather and location setting initialization function

- Added the feature to reset the currently selected location in the weather area setting on the clock.

(Rose streamer > Settings > Date and Time > Weather Zone Settings)

2. Added RoseConnect History Menu and Function

- Added a menu to display information about RoseConnect Premium connected to Rose devices.

- Displays the device model, platform, RC version, and provides a deletion function.

- (Rose Streamer > Settings > System Settings > RoseConnect History)

3. Added RoseStore App Selection Install Function

- Added the ability to install multiple apps at once when installing apps from RoseStore.

4. Added My Videos/Artists Menu in Tidal

Added My Videos and My Artists menus to the Tidal app within Rose devices.

5. Function Modification and Stabilization

- Changed behavior: When pressing the previous song skip button during music/video playback lasting "10 seconds or more," it now returns to the beginning of the current music/video.

- Fixed VU mode: Corrected the length difference in the left or right needle in some types.

- Fixed issue on MacBook Pro: Album cover was not displayed when playing Apple Music via Airplay.

- Fixed issue: Even after deleting the integrated playlist (Queue), the corresponding music continued to play.

- Fixed issue: Popup for restarting RoseQueue appeared during music and video playback.

- Changed RS201: When in digital output, it no longer enters automatic standby mode.

- Improved RS520: Fixed distortion in Hi-Res icon images in Tidal/Qobuz.

- Fixed RS130: When there are 8 icons on the main home screen, two identical icons were displayed at both ends.

- Fixed RS130: Overlapping UI when searching for music.

- Fixed RS130: Inconsistency in the spacing of ON/OFF buttons in storage settings.

- Fixed RoseHome: Most History sorting was incorrect.

- Fixed issue: Popup for app restart occurred when moving directly to Rose main home after entering Rose home.

- Fixed issue: Could not enter if the NAS name is "Music."

- Improved: Reduced time for playing more than 3000 songs.

- Fixed issue: Focus jumping when entering folders in music.

- Fixed issue: Popup for app restart occurred during long music playback or when trying to play another source.

- Fixed issue: Occasional increase in CPU usage during long music playback.

- Fixed VLC: Videos with special characters in the playback path were not playing.

- Fixed issue in Qobuz: If the next Qobuz source is of an unplayable type, it now proceeds to the next song.

- Fixed issue in RoseTube: UI overlap when playback time is over 1 hour.

- Fixed issue in RoseTube: UI overlap between content title and three-dot menu in RoseTube list.

- Fixed issue in RoseTube: Removed resolution display when playing cached videos.

- Fixed issue in RoseTube: Close button in caching capacity setting popup did not work.

- Fixed issue in RoseTube: Popup for app restart occurred when TV (HDMI) turned ON at the completion of caching.

- Fixed issue: Playback of RoseRadio content restarted 2 seconds after playing RoseTube content during radio playback.

- Modified: RoseRadio > Explore detailed Country page language.

- Fixed issue: Popup for moving to RoseStore appeared again 60 seconds after selecting confirmation in the move popup.

- Fixed issue: During CD playback, the screen closed without affecting CD playback when logging in/out of RC Premium.

- Fixed issue: Keyboard did not appear intermittently when entering the search page in CD ripping.

- Fixed issue: Roon Live Radio did not reflect changes in playback information during playback.

- Fixed issue: DSD information was not displayed in Signal Path (RC Premium) during DSD playback in Roon.

- Fixed Spotify: Thumbnail in the playback screen was slightly cut off.

- Fixed issue: No sound output when switching from DLNA playback to Airplay.

- Improved: In clock screen state, you can now change the clock type using the OK button and left/right buttons on the BT remote control.

- Fixed issue: BT remote control focus occurred when turning off VU in the full playback screen state through RC Premium.

- Fixed issue on iOS devices: Playback screen information was not displayed when connecting BT to play YouTube.

- Improved: If App icons fit perfectly on the main home screen, now you can scroll left/right.

- Added filter: When adding to playlist, you can now sort by App on the page.

- Fixed issue: Popup for app restart occurred intermittently when playing all RoseTube songs in the integrated playlist (Queue) with the maximum of 3000 songs.

- Fixed issue: RoseTube (caching) content did not start immediately in ON > OFF standby mode.

- Fixed issue: Automatic standby mode function operated in standby mode.

- Added feature: During integrated playlist (Queue) Tidal automatic SSD (internal) caching, automatic caching stops when entering standby mode.

- Other usability improvements and stabilization.

[RoseConnect Premium - RC For Android]

1. Added Equalizer Menu Function

Equalizer settings on EQ-supporting Rose devices could only be checked in Signal Path, but now Equalizer settings can also be adjusted in RoseConnectPremium.

EQ button is displayed in the upper right corner of the full playback screen, and you can select and configure it.

(Supported only on the Android platform; iOS and PC updates planned for the future)

2. Function Modification/Improvement and Stabilization

- Fixed issue: Page executed twice when connecting RC Premium.

- Fixed issue: Same main menu displayed multiple times after installing, deleting, or updating apps within RC Premium.

- Fixed issue in New (Feed): App crash occurred when selecting a deleted comment profile.

- Expanded character limit in New (Feed): Now able to write up to 200 characters for titles and 3000 characters for content in Feed posts.

- Fixed issue in New (Feed): View All function did not work when there were no comments.

- Fixed issue in Related Content: Images selected from the gallery/internet did not register on the Feed post page through the three-dot menu.

- Fixed issue in Music: Favorites button in the Network folder did not work.

- Fixed issue in Music: Results were displayed in the Artist tab when searching for artists, but not in the Album tab.

- Added RoseConnect History Menu and Function.

- Added display of the number of selected songs when editing and deleting RosePlaylist.

- Added filter: When adding to playlist, you can now sort by App on the page.

- Added search function in Qobuz and Apple Music settings.

- Other usability improvements and stabilization.

[RoseConnect Premium – RC For iOS]

- Function Modification/Improvement and Stabilization

- Fixed issue: Same main menu displayed multiple times after installing, deleting, or updating apps within RC Premium.

- Added music control buttons (play/pause, previous/next track) in the iPad Rose APP.

- Added forced update function for Apps that require mandatory updates.

- Fixed issue related to playback on Tidal artist pages in New (Feed).

- Added App icons for each app in front of the Feed page registered in New (Feed).

- Fixed issue: iOS keyboard was obstructed when entering comments in New (Feed).

- Fixed issue in Rose Home: App crash occurred when scrolling on the Explore page.

- Fixed issue: Playing a video on the Tidal artist page played the Top Track.

- Fixed temporary display of Qobuz login screen.

- Changed behavior: When selecting the previous button in the full playback screen state on My Playlists, it now moves to the previously entered playlist.

[RoseConnect Premium – RC For PC(Windows/Mac)]

- Added New (Feed) Function

- Added the New (Feed) function, which was previously supported only on the Android/iOS platforms, to be available on PC as well.

- Function Modification/Improvement and Stabilization

- Fixed feature: Logout after a certain time in Qobuz login state.

- Fixed issue: Qobuz tab showed the login page (logged out state) after Qobuz token renewal.

- Fixed issue in RoseTube: Three-dot menu selection did not play (added to queue).

- Fixed issue: Standby mode screen did not display correctly when switching to standby mode.

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18 Jan 2024

Hello, this is HiFi Rose.

We would like to inform you about the schedule and details of the update that will be applied on January 18th (Thursday).

Please check the schedule to ensure a smooth experience.

[System Stability and Improvements]
Update Schedule: January 18, 2024 (Thursday) 03:00 PM (GMT +9)
How to update: Settings → System Information → Click “Update” and then System Update
Update Version: Ver 4.15 (Rose OS 4.15.19)
Update for: RS130

Update Contents:
[Rose Platform - RS130]
1-1. Added a feature to automatically end Tidal’s SSD (internal) caching during idle mode in the integrated playlist.

1-2. Improved the issue where a pop-up occurs due to the detection of duplicate logins for Tidal music automatic SSD (internal) caching in the integrated playlist, even if playback is not initiated on the device.

1-3.If you play Tidal music on another device (such as a mobile phone), entering RS130 into standby mode and then using it will confirm the improvement effect of this issue.

2.Fixed the issue where Rose Queue restart pop-up occurs during music and video playback.

3.Fixed issues related to Qobuz playlist sync.

4.Other usability improvements and stabilization.

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15 Jan 2024


[System Stabilization and Improvements]

Update Date: January 16, 2024 (Tuesday) 04:00 PM (GMT +9)

- Update for : RS201(A), RS250(A), RS150(B), RS520, RS130

- Device Compatibility Version Information: SW Ver. v4.15

- Update Version Information:

  RoseQobuz (RoseOS) : v4.15.13.8

  RoseConnect Premium (Android) : v4.15.12.10

  RoseConnect Premium (iOS) : v4.09.06

  RoseConnect Premium (Windows/Mac) : v4.14.13


- How to update:

  RoseOS : Rose Streamer > Rose Store > Qobuz > Perform Update

  Android/iOS : Update RoseConnect Premium from Play/App Store

  PC(Win/Mac) : Perform OTA update when running PC Connect or provide a separate download link

Click here for Windows

Click here for MAC 

- Update Contents :

[Rose Platform – Common]

1. Functionality Fixes and Stabilization

- Improved issue where login is released after a certain period in Qobuz login status


[RoseConnect Premium– Feature Fixes/Improvements and Stabilization]

1. RC For Android

- Fixed issue causing AppCrash when selecting a deleted comment profile in New(Feed)

- Expanded character count for writing in New(Feed) > Upload Feed (Title: 200 characters, Content: 3000 characters)


2. RC for iOS

- Added Amp management feature in the remote control

- Changed music to show only 5 songs when entering Artists in Music > Categories

- Fixed issue where music and folders were not fully displayed in Music > Folders > Storage

- Fixed crash issue when playing with 'Play from here' option in Music > Folders > Storage

- Improved issue where cover image did not appear in Music > Folders

- Fixed issue where only the first song was added when playing all/shuffle in Music > Folders

- Fixed issue where playing from 'Play from here' option in Qobuz Playlist played from the first song

- Fixed issue where not all tracks appeared in Qobuz Playlist

- Fixed issue where albums did not appear in Qobuz search

- Fixed issue where only 30 items appeared in My Rose Radio list in Rose Radio

- Added App auto-update feature in Rose Store

- Some string and UI changes


3. RC for PC (Windows/Mac)

- Improved PC Connect speed

- Added top-set connection status display in the remote control

- Modified feature of adding entire songs/shuffle play in Music > Categories list

- Modified to shuffle and play the entire list when shuffling in Music > Shuffle Play

- Fixed crash issue when changing devices or running Connect

- Fixed crash issue when selecting Apply after menu change

- Fixed issue where repeat/shuffle icons did not change in the playback player

- Fixed issue where home screen editing in set required PC Connect restart to apply

- Some string and UI changes


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10 Aug 2023

RoseConnect PC (Ver. 4.7.06) (Win/MAC)

Download for MAC

Download for Windows

- Update Date:** 08/10/23 (Thurs) PM 3:00 (GMT +9)

- Model:** RS201, RS250(A), RS150(B), RS520, RS130

- Device compatibility version information:** SW Ver. v4.7

- Version information:** PC Ver. v4.7.06 (Win/MAC)

1. System stabilization and improvement

A. Network

- Added a pop-up to select a network first when searching for a device when there are multiple networks in the PC and device (My IP Setet)

- Changed the bottom play player design in standby mode (changed for button and play bar standby mode)

- After connecting the device, fixed a crash that occurs when running RoseConnect PC in a state where the network is different

B. System stabilization and improvement

- Fixed a problem where thumbnails were not displayed in the sound source list after adding a network folder from "Music"

- Fixed a problem where some of the All/Shuffle play buttons on the subscription page were cut off in Rose Tube

- Fixed a problem where crashes occur intermittently when logging in to Qobuz app

- Fixed the problem that when drag and drop the Mix content list on YouTube, the refresh phenomenon continued to occur on the entire playback screen and the playback time was displayed incorrectly

- Fixed a problem where the photo editing pop-up text was displayed incorrectly in Edit My Information

- Fixed the problem that the number of selected songs was incorrectly displayed when deselecting all in the delete mode in Total Queue and selecting all again

C. Others

- Fixed an issue in the profile editing where the popup message for photo editing was displayed incorrectly.

- Fixed the issue in the Integrated Queue > Delete mode, where after deselecting all and then selecting all again, the incorrect number of selected songs was displayed.

- Fixed the issue in the Integrated Queue > Integrated Queue App tab (excluding All) where more than 3000 songs were being registered and displayed.

- Fixed the intermittent issue in the Integrated Queue where, when there were many items in the queue, occasionally an automatic switch to the ALL tab occurred when navigating.

- Fixed the issue in the Integrated Queue > Bugs Video list where the "FULL HD" image and text were misaligned.

- Fixed the issue in the Image View within an album, where the cover image was not fitting properly in the popup.

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10 Jul 2023



We are planning to conduct server maintenance for more stable service.
During the maintenance period, the service will be temporarily suspended. We ask for your understanding.

Maintenance Schedule: July 11, 2023 (Tues) 10:00 ~ 14:00 (GMT+9)
Estimated duration: Approximately 4 hours
Maintenance Details:

  • Hardware replacement and inspection for database performance enhancement

During the maintenance, the services provided by HIFIROSE may be restricted.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We will make every effort to complete the work as quickly as possible and provide a more stable service.

Thank you.

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25 May 2023

Rose OS 4.6.06 SW Update Notice

- Update date: May 26th, 2023 (Fri) PM 18:00 (GMT +9)
- How to update: Settings → System information → Click “Update” and then update the system
- Updated version: Ver 4.6(Rose OS 4.6.07)

- RoseConnectPremium for Android: Ver
- RoseConnectPremium for iOS : Ver 4.6.01
- Update for: RS150(B) / RS201(A) / RS250(A) / RS520 / RS130


1. Added RS130 model and UI features

2. Added RS130_Music Cache Play feature

  • The caching function for the built-in audio using the SSD installed in the RS130 has been added.
  • The feature automatically operates during music playback, and when caching is complete, a cache icon is displayed for the corresponding audio.
  • You can delete stored cache files through the “Cache Manager” menu in Music > Settings.

3. Changes to the RS520_Analog Setting > Volume Table Setting menu and features

  • The items and features in the volume table according to the speaker type have been changed (from 2 to 4)
  • You can set your desired item among BookShelf Speaker (default), TallBoy Speaker, Floor Standing Speaker, and Default Volume Curve.

4. Additional features/improvements and stabilization

  • Added Russian language
  • Added system optimization waiting feature upon reboot
  • Fixed the issue of certain subscription channel videos in RoseTube stuttering
  • Fixed the issue where AppCrash occurred when playing a specific video on RoseTube with the TV ON
  • Logout synchronization in other places when logging out from Set and Connect
  • Fixed the issue where the VU needle didn’t move when using Software Volume Control
  • Fixed intermittent issues where music thumbnails didn’t display or displayed wrong thumbnails
  • Fixed the issue where all songs in an album played instead of entering the album when selecting an album from music search results
  • Fixed the issue where characters after a space didn’t display when changing the device name
  • Fixed the issue where playback did not immediately start when attempting to play RoseRadio in USB IN status
  • Made changes to prevent the use of special characters in the ID during FTP setup
  • Fixed the volume issue that occurs when you reboot after setting pre-out level settings

[RC Premium - Android]

1. Added RS130 UI and model
2. Feature additions/improvements and stabilization

  • Display of App Type icon in the playlist page
  • Fixed the intermittent malfunction of the “Move to Now Playing” button in Integrated Queue
  • Changes to the RS520_Analog Setting > Volume Table Setting menu and features (Menu changed from 2 to 4 options)

[RC Premium - iOS]

1. Added RS130 UI and model
2. Feature additions/improvements and stabilization

  • Added shortcut to playback screen
  • Changes to the RS520_Analog Setting > Volume Table Setting menu and features (Menu changed from 2 to 4 options)
  • Fixed the issue where VU Mode could not be set during Roon, Airplay playback
  • Partial UI modifications and system stabilization

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29 Mar 2023

Rose OS 4.5.07SW Update Notice

- Update date: 2023/03/29 (Wen) PM 17:00 (GMT +9)

- How to update: Settings → System information → Click “Update” and then update the system

- Updated version: Ver 4.5(Rose OS 4.5.07)

- Update for: RS520/RS150(B)/RS250(A)/RS201(A)


  1. Excluded blue background theme from VU meter themes
  • There was a suggestion that one of the VU meter themes with a blue background looks similar to an image of a certain product, so we have decided to exclude that theme.

We will add more diverse VU meter themes in the future.

Thank you.

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22 Mar 2023

[OTA] SW Ver 4.5(Rose 4.5.05) Software Release

Playlist Synchronization

You can conveniently bring your saved playlists and favorites from the streaming services you're using (Tidal/Qobuz) to ROSE by using the synchronization. 

If your account has changed, you can also export your playlists and favorites saved in ROSE to streaming services (Tidal/Qobuz). 

When using the synchronization, all changes made to the playlists will be reflected simultaneously in ROSE and the streaming service. 

Now, you can conveniently use playlists and favorites without the need to manage them separately in ROSE and each streaming service.

Easily manage files with the File Manager

You can easily manage files stored on USB and SSD in ROSE. With the File Manager, you can copy music files from connected USB storage to SSD or from SSD to USB storage while listening to music or watching Rosetube. 

※ Copy ONLY for now. More features such as delete, move, rename, and creating directory will be added in the future.

SMB2 Updated

Due to security issues with SMB1, RoseOS 4.5 now supports the SMB2 protocol.

System stabilization and improvements

Update schedule: March 21st, 2023 (Tue) 18:00(GMT +9)

How to update: ROSE Streamer -> Settings -> System Info -> Click "Update" to update the system

Update version: Ver 4.5(Rose OS 4.5.05)

RoseConnectPremium for Android: Ver

Applicable models: RS150(B) / RS201(A) / RS250(A) / RS520


1. Updated synchronizing Playlist

A. Tidal, Qobuz, Bugs, Apple Music: synchronization applied between Rose and App's Playlist

- Synchronization will proceed according to Playlist(Rose or App) creation, addition, modification, and deletion actions.

- Added a feature to synchronize the entire Playlist in Tidal/Qobuz app (Tidal and Qobuz only, in SETTINGS)

-  For Bugs and Apple Music, 'track synchronization' applied ONLY

(Playlist synchronization will be updated later) 

B. Added Tidal, Qobuz, Bugs, Apple Music synchronization On/Off

- You can turn synchronization On/Off in My Tidal, Qobuz, Bugs, and Apple Music (default mode: ON).

- If you turn off this feature, you will not be able to use synchronization in all streaming apps, including Tidal and Qobuz, so please be cautious.

2. SMB2 Updated

- Due to security issues with SMB1, RoseOS 4.5 now supports the SMB2 protocol.

3.File manager (file copy ONLY) added

- You can select files in connected storage devices and copy.

- While copying, other tasks are possible, but please be cautious as it may affect playback and other actions.

4.System Stabilization

- Fixed the issue where VU mode did not work when using USB DAC output

- Fixed the issue where the volume decreased when ‘connecting headphones > adjusting volume and disconnecting while Pre-out level settings is ON’ (RS250)

- Fixed the issue where only one song was played when playing multiple songs through network video via RC

- Fixed the issue where the app crashed when changing the detailed tab in the Qobuz settings

- Fixed the issue where only 50 songs were displayed in the music playlist

- Fixed the issue where the BT RCU focus did not move to repeat playback in the full playback screen

- Added Favorites for Podcast 

- Fixed the issue where the app crashed when playing content from the three-dot menu in the RoseTube playlist on the recently played playlist on RoseHome

- Fixed the issue where the app crashed when switching from RoseTube playback to RoseRadio playback

- Fixed the UI error of the Static IP button in the Wi-Fi connection information popup in German and Spanish language settings [RS520 MCU]

- Fixed the issue where the top buttons (volume up/down, mute) on the RS520 did not work

- Fixed the issue where no sound was output when ‘playing audio > turning on TV and switching to eARC IN while eARC IN was off’

[RS520 MCU]

-   Fixed the issue where the RS520 top buttons (volume up/down, Mute) did not work

-   Fixed the issue where no sound was output when playing audio > turning on TV and switching to eARC IN while eARC IN is OFF 

[RC Premium - Android]

-   SMBv2 updated

-   Playlist synchronization added

-   Added a blank check when adding a Playlist in ‘Tidal - My Playlist’

-   Added login information edit/delete in network folder

-   Changed the format of the Bugs album Release Date display

-   Fixed an issue where the selected song did not play when selecting another song just before the last song ended with the recommended playback ON

-   Added a popup to display when deleting cached RoseTube content

-   Fixed an issue in android tablet where the page was closed when rotating the screen in the integrated playback

-   Fixed an issue where the app crashed when deleting all recently played tracks in the Rose Home_RoseTube filter status

-   Fixed an issue where the app crashed when re-entering a folder after transitioning to the previous page after entering a folder in the network folder_favorites detail page

-   Fixed an issue where the text UI was pushed and displayed when setting a foreign language for recently played album/playlist tabs

-   Added ‘delete’ to the Tidal playlist option menu

-   Removed favorites icon when playing content from the video network folder

-   Fixed an issue where the app crashed when entering the Qobuz Setting page

-   System stabilization

[RC Premium - iOS]

- Will be updated in 7 days.

[RC Premium - PC]

- Will be updated in 7 days.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for your continued support.

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29 Mar 2022

[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.05) Software Release

- Update date: 2022/03/28 (Mon) PM 05:00 (GMT +9)
- How to update: Settings → System information → Click “Update” and then update the system
- Updated version: Ver 4.1 (Rose OS 4.1.05)
- RoseConnectPremium for Android : Ver
*RoseConnectPremium for iOS will be updated separately in the future.
- Update for: RS150(B)/RS201/RS250

[ Update Contents ]

1. Rose Tube buffering error improvement

  • Fixed the problem that Rosetube playback could not procced further in buffered state.
  • Fixed an operation error when running other streaming services during Rose Tube buffering state
    *Caution: For Rosetube content with a long playback time, buffering may occur at the beginning of playback even if the network speed is smooth. 

2. Added and improved features for RS201&RS150&RS250

  • Changed to match the encoding options of CD ripping and playback
  • Changed to reboot when OTA update download and installation fails
  • Added MQA information display when playing MQA channels on radio
  • Added icon display function on TV when playing Video/VLC
  • Classification and UI changes applied during media analysis/DB caching
  • Supports WV_DSD sound source playback

3. System stabilization for RS150 / RS150B / RS201A / RS250

  • Fixed the problem that the sound source list is not displayed or cannot be played when playing SACD ISO
  • RS150B > Fixed the issue of noise occurring when Phase Invert (input/output setting) is set to ON during balanced connection
  • Fixed the issue that the ROSE OS runs again when skipping to the previous/next song of Roon
  • Fixed Rosetube’s search history not showing problem
  • Fixed the problem that the volume cannot be adjusted when SW Vol Control is ON
  • Supports software volume control for CD playback
  • Other stabilization work and usability improvements

[RC Premium - Android]

  • Added Album’s Other Versions function (Displays a list of Other Versions for each streaming service in the detailed album)
  • Fixed the problem that the integrated queue list is different from the currently playing song after unlocking the phone
  • Fixed an app termination error when selecting ‘View All’ after ‘Go to Artist’
  • Fixed an error where the GUI screen was displayed abnormally when using a right-to-left (RTL) language like Arabic
  • Supports WV_DSD sound source playback

[ Precautions ]

  1. Do not turn off the power of ROSE during Software update.