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9 Feb 2022

[OTA] SW Ver 4.1(Rose 4.1.03) OTA Release

Update date: 2022/02/08(Tue) PM 08:00(GMT +9)
How to update: Rose device Settings → System Info → System Version Information → Update (ROSE OS: 4.1.03)
Updated version: Ver 4.1(Rose OS 4.1.03)
RoseConnectPremium for Android : Ver
RoseConnectPremium for IOS : 2022/2/15(Tue). Distribution via App Store
Update for : RS150 / RS150B / RS201 / RS250

[Update contents]

1. Added and improved features for RS201&RS150&RS250

  • Tidal(Setting) → User voucher information added

  • Changed to disable public setting when music is included in the playlist

  • Setting → Show available capacity in storage information

  • Setting → Text of the user account page changed

  • CD Title → Changed to display as Number + Track in case of unknown

  • Hiface usb audio driver support

  • Rose Login routine when entering Rose Tube

[RoseConnect Premium - Android]

  • Rose Connect connection status display function added (Top right of the remote control)

(Normal Connection: Green / Connecting: Yellow / Disconnected: Red, When the remote control is selected, the corresponding information is displayed as a pop-up)

  • Rose Connect → App version, installation date and UI displayed at the top right of the remote control

  • Music → My Music menu added

  • Rose Tube → My Rose Tube menu added

2. System stabilization for RS150 / RS150B / RS201A / RS250

  • The problem that search results were not displayed when searching for Qobuz is Fixed

  • Rose Tube → Fixed the problem that All, Shuffle play buttons does not operate in navigation View All

  • Fixed VU closing problem when switching to the next song after play music (VU meter ON)

  • Fixed the issue where playback stopped at a specific location in sone SACD ISOs

  • BT sound playback → Fixed the problem that the screen moved to the ROSE main home when switching to the next song.

  • Music → Fixed ‘Empty the queue and add’ in MUSIC > Folder menu.

  • Fixed the problem that didn’t apply immediately when setting repeat playback of one song while playing a sound source

  • Fixed the phenomenon of slight deviation of focus of the Rose FM channel

  • After setting the play information (larger), the artist name and the Play button UI does not overlap when playing the CD is fixed

  • Media Library → Fixed the phenomenon that the playback screen was exposed when DB was deleted

  • Fixed the problem that the entire video could not be played when there is a subfolder in the video folder.

  • Fixed the phenomenon that the playback time increases up to 6 seconds when switching to the next song during CD playback

  • Fixed the phenomenon that the last applied Preout Level setting value was not maintained when changing HDMI/USB DAC output

  • Fixed VU closing when changing channels in Rose Connect during radio/podcast playback (VU Meter ON)

  • Fixed some European language decoding errors

  • Fixed an issue where I/O settings did not change in sets when playing ROON

  • Improved the Phenomenon that the loading bar continues in certain Rose Tube videos

  • Improved usability for Ethernet Static IP setting

  • Improved CD playback starting speed

  • Improved noise when changing songs while using digital input

RoseConnectPremium for Android

  • Music → Fixed the problem that the 21st track in the album was not visible

  • Fixed the problem that the app closes when entering after leaving the music screen page for a long time

  • Recent played tracks/Albums/Playlists → Fixed the problem that the ADD Play all player playlist button does not work

  • Fixed an issue where only 20 Rose Tube subscriptions were displayed

  • Fixed the problem that Youtube sharing function does not work

  • TIDAL → Fixed an issue where only Top10 tracks were displayed when entering Visual Album

  • Rose Tube → Search → ViewAll → Fixed All/Shuffle playback error

  • Fixed an error related to gallery thumbnails in profile settings on Android OS 10

- Precautions -

  1. Do not turn off the power of ROSE during Software update.
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22 Dec 2021

Hello HiFiRose customers!

Distributed as the last update of the 2021.

- Update date: 2021/12/22 (Wed) PM 02:00 (GMT +9)

- How to update: ROSE device > Settings -> System Info -> Click “Update”

- Updated version: Ver 4.0 (Rose OS 4.0.08)

- RoseConnect Premium for Android : Ver

- RoseConnectPremium for iOS : Ver 4.02.06

- Applicable models: RS150/RS201/RS250

- Update contents:

1. Add and improve features

[For RS201&RS150&RS250]

- Clock (weather information) > Temperature setting (℃ and ℉) added

- 'https' channel can be added to Radio user channel

- Added Shazam auto close function when the song ends after searching for radio music

- When changing the audio format, the default value of Delay time is changed to 500ms

- Improvement of noise that occurs when changing PCM <-> DSD in some amplifiers

[RoseConnect Premium - Android]

- Added three-point menu button for recently played track/rose tube/favorite

- Share RoseTube -> Add play option

- Searching in Qobuz -> Add Most Popular

- Qobuz Playlist -> Added 'Description Add'

- Deleted "CD 1" UI when there is one Qobuz volume, and modified to show "CD 1/CD 2 ..." when there are more than 2 volumes

- Added shuffle play to My Videos in Tidal Setting

2. System stabilization

[For RS201&RS150&RS250]

- Fixed restart error when searching for integrated search on the main body

- Fixed an error where audio was muted for 1 to 2 seconds when playing RoseTube after connecting HDMI

- Fixed an error in which playback information was displayed as a file name when playing an album after DB scan was completed

- Bit information notation error in DSD file information has been fixed

- Fixed an issue where VU mode UI was maintained when switching to video after playing a soundtrack in the integrated playlist

- Fixed an error where the playback of a specific sound source ends after 1 to 2 seconds

- Fixed an issue where the text was displayed strangely when the music album title/artist/track was in Spanish

- Fixed an error that the playback screen did not appear on the Rose device when playing in RoseConnect -> Music -> Folder

- Improved the flickering issue of the playback screen or progress bar when playing Qobuz

- Tidal - My Tidal - Fix restart error when playing My Videos content

- Bugs/Qobuz/Tidal playback -> Fixed app crash when deleting Rose Store data

- Fixed an error related to not showing album art

- Fixed the problem that WAV specific album (TVLG) does not play

- Fixed a problem that certain playlists (Tidal+Music) were not deleted

[RoseConnect Premium - Android]

- Fixed the problem that the first list is played regardless of the playback order when playing the shared page in the YouTube app

- Fixed an error related to not showing album art

- Fixed restart error in network related files when entering music after changing Wifi

- Fixed an error in the related content list ui when switching the current playback screen horizontally/vertically on the tablet

- FmRadio -> Restart error when long-clicking RoseFav is fixed

- Modified to expose album art regardless of whether the Rose device's DLNA is On/Off

- Fixed the problem that the order is not correct when entering an album without track information

[RoseConnect Premium - iOS]

- Additional improvement of ROSE login problem

- I/O setting > detailed setting (Output setting) modification

- Fixed album/playlist UI such as Music/Tidal/Qobuz

- Fixed the problem that music does not play in Rose Home > Favorites

- Radio https address can be added

- Fixed the problem that song information was not displayed on iPad

- Precautions -

1. Do not turn off the power of ROSE during software update.

Thank you.

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1 Dec 2021

Update date: 2021/11/30 (Tue) PM 02:00 (GMT +9)

  • How to update: Settings → System information → Click “Update” and update the system
  • Updated version: Ver 4.0 (Rose OS 4.0.05)
  • RoseConnect Premium for Android: Ver
  • Applicable models: RS150/RS250/RS201
  • Notification:
  1. After initializing the media library DB, please scan again and use it.
  2. For more information, please refer to the Rose website and cafe.
  • Update contents:
  1. Integrated management of stored sound sources and streaming services
    Rose Platform 4.0 provides the integrated management of various streaming services (Music, RoseTube, Tidal, Qobuz, Bugs)
    A. Added integrated home menu
    You can browse the user’s recent activities, My/Friend Playlist, and Rose’s recommended playlist on one screen.
    B. Added integrated search function
    The results for the search word are displayed after searching simultaneously in Music/Rose Tube/Tidal/Qobuz/Bugs.
    C. Added integrated playlist function
    You can put songs of the media type you are using in the playlist at the same time (up to 3000).
    D. Integrated Playlist
    You can save songs from various streaming services in a playlist at the same time, and you can open all the songs to your friends or Rose users by setting the privacy settings of your playlist.

  2. Provide more intuitive and more information on album, track, and playback screens
    From Rose Platform 4.0, the album, track, and playback screens are improved to be more intuitive and provided more information.

  3. Volume offset setting for each source
    In Rose Platform 4.0, you can set the volume OFFSET (-10dB ~ 0dB) for each source. (RS150/RS250)

  4. Digital output volume control with DSP developed by Rose
    Rose Platform 4.0 provides digital volume control using software.

  5. Favorite
    Track, Album, and Playlist can be easily registered and managed in the favorite list, and the number of hearts can be displayed from 1 to 3 according to your preference.

  6. User Picks
    You can share various playlists that you’ve created with Rose users, listen to your friend’s playlist and ‘like’ them.

  7. Improved the song cutoff when resetting audio device due to format change, etc.
    If the audio format is changed, you can set the delay time until DAC is set. (PCM/DSD delay time default: 100ms)

  8. Improved the Media Scanning
    Media scanning time has been improved in Rose Platform 4.0.

  9. Supported Shazam on the radio
    If you are listening to the radio and want to know about song information, you can search for sound source information using Apple’s Shazam by clicking Search.

  • Cautions -
  1. Do not turn off the power during SW update.
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5 Feb 2021

- Model : RS150 / RS201

- Ver info


Ver info


SW Ver

v3.7 (Rose 3.7.08)

RS150 & RS201


v2.0.25(M) / v2.0.37(A)


v2.1.7(M) / v2.3.23(A)


RC for android


ROSE Connect Premium

RC for iOS


ROSE Connect Premium

SW Ver 3.7 Update Notice

- Update Date: 2021/02/04 (Thurs) PM 05:00
- Update Method : Setting -> System Information -> Click “Update” and update the system
- Updated version: Ver 3.7 (Rose OS 3.7.08)
- RoseConnectPremium for Android : Ver
- RoseConnectPremium for iOS : Ver 3.03.01
- Applied model: RS150/RS201
- Update Contents:
1. Qobuz InApp (Waiting for authentication)
* You can use the service after the final authentication is completed. (A separate notice will be announced when the authentication is completed.)
2. Tidal Menu Revision
- Tidal Caching Function has been added
- Tidal PlayList Menu (Playlist By TIDAL / My PlayList) Separation
3. Radio Channel EPG provided
- Information may not be displayed depending on the channel.
4. Spotify Connect(RS201)
5. EQ (5band / RS201) Added
6. Setting Menu Revision
- Always On Display has been added on the Menu (Display)
- Playback Information Large View has been added on the Menu (Display)
- VU Mode Setting Menu added (Display)
- Alarm has been moved to “Region & Time” on setting menu
- Weather region has been moved to “Region & Time” on setting menu
7. RC Additions/Modifications
- Rose Tube > User Picks Menu Added (Android)
- Music > Signal Path Added (Android)
-Tidal> My Mix and Visual Album support

-Tidal PlayList menu Separation (Playlist By TIDAL / My PlayList)

8. MCU Modifications/Changes

-RS150: Improved the symptom of no relay switching sound when input/output setting/analog output On<->Off.

-RS201: Improved to output sound faster by shortening the locking time in Optical In.

9. System stabilization

- Cautions -
1. Do not turn off the power during SW update.
2. After the SW update, the audio system will be updated, so be sure to proceed when a pop-up occurs. (1~2 times)
3. Qobuz InApp has been completed, but it is currently waiting for final authentication to be completed.
- Login/service is not available at this time, and the timing of completion of final authentication & service availability will be announced separately.
4. We are checking the system that the login in the Tidal App of “RS150/RS201” is not working.
- Currently, You cannot login to Tidal App of “RS150/RS201”, but you can log in from RC.
- You can use Tidal service after RC login, so please be aware of this.