1. Warranty Period

The warranty period is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. However, in some countries, variations may occur in accordance with the laws of the respective country. Please verify the exact warranty period with the regional main distributor.

2. Covered under Warranty

Warranty primarily covers defects in manufacturing, product malfunctions, or issues arising from the production process. Other issues such as diminished quality, consumer negligence, and problems related to software or external streaming services are typically excluded from warranty coverage.

3. Free repair

If a defect occurs in the product within the warranty period, the cost of replacing the faulty parts can be covered free of charge. Other expenses such as shipping fees and labor costs will be subject to the policies of the local distributor.

4. Warranty certification

If product repair is needed, the customer must be able to provide proof of the product’s warranty period. This can be demonstrated with the original receipt from the authorized distributor or by using the information registered on the HIFIROSE website.

5. Exclusions

The warranty may not apply in the following cases.

5-1. Damage caused by force majeure

5-2. Unauthorized inspection and repair

5-3. Overloading, misuse, abuse, or use with incompatible equipment

5-4. If the serial number is removed or damaged

6. Transfer of Warranty

This warranty applies to the product regardless of the owner. Therefore, the warranty can be transferred. Even if the warranty is transferred, the warranty period will still be applicable from the date of purchase by the initial buyer.

7. Note

7-1. HIFIROSE distributor provides warranty coverage only within its own country. This warranty is valid only in the country where product was originally purchased. If service is required outside the original country, all shipping costs for returning the product to the original country and distributor must be borne by user.

7-2. For all exchanges and refunds, please contact the dealer from whom you made the purchase.